Dear Bully of Mine by Vicki Fraser
Self-worth, confidence and self-esteem are three qualities that can give children the strength to stand up for themselves and others. Join these three characters as they share their honest feelings with their ‘dear’ bullies. Watch their internal battle as they begin to question the power that their bullies have over them. Witness their quiet evolution as they take back what is rightfully theirs; freedom to live in peace. Everyone can benefit from daily affirmation that they have value. This book does just that.
Illustrations: Sean McGrath and Cody McGrath
Pepper by Danielle Findlay
Mr. and Mrs. Greene get the surprise of a lifetime when they discover a baby girl in their prized pepper patch. Pepper blossoms into a beautiful girl with fiery red hair, emerald eyes and a kind and caring spirit. Aside from her unusual introduction into the world she grows up rather ordinary, with a deep love for gardening and the outdoors. Then one evening in the garden with a simple prick of her finger Pepper realizes that she may not be so ordinary after all. It isn’t until her town his hit with a horrible drought that Pepper realizes she just might have what the townspeople need to overcome their misfortune.
Illustrations: Sean McGrath and Cody McGrath

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